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Synonyms for handkerchief



Synonyms for handkerchief

a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory

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Albion won 2-1, so more of their handkerchieves have survived, but the rarer Bluenose edition might just beat it on price.
Christine Allen spends the day entertaining children's parties with illusions involving cards and red handkerchieves.
Elsewhere, England still believe a group of grown-men wearing shorts and waving handkerchieves as they dance around a maypole is a valid piece of their culture.
When I was at Barcelona, the Spanish spectators would have been waving white handkerchieves in that situation, the sign for me to be sacked.
P&G entered the tissue/towel business in Europe in 1994 with the purchase of the VP-Schickedanz paper business and its Tempo paper handkerchieves and Bess toilet tissue.