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Synonyms for handkerchief



Synonyms for handkerchief

a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory

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So saying, he pulled out his own handkerchief, likewise a very elegant handkerchief, and of fine cambric--though cambric was dear at the period--but a handkerchief without embroidery and without arms, only ornamented with a single cipher, that of its proprietor.
The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see the handkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis.
Then turning toward that one of the guards who had declared himself the friend of Bois- Tracy, "Besides," continued he, "I have reflected, my dear intimate of Bois-Tracy, that I am not less tenderly his friend than you can possibly be; so that decidedly this handkerchief is as likely to have fallen from your pocket as mine.
I have said, monsieur, and I repeat, that the handkerchief did not fall from my pocket.
Cotton-tail and Peter folded up the pocket- handkerchief, and old Mrs.
The Yellow Handkerchief, since his discovery of my empty pocket, had become most insolent in his bearing, and he wormed about among the other prisoners, talking to them with great earnestness.
Yellow Handkerchief approached me, and, pointing out his village on the Point Pedro beach, gave me to understand that if I turned the Reindeer in that direction and put them ashore, they, in turn, would go to bailing.
Yellow Handkerchief came up to me in a familiar manner, the water in the cockpit slushing against his legs.
The spirit of the Chinese was broken, and so docile did they become that ere we made San Rafael they were out with the tow-rope, Yellow Handkerchief at the head of the line.
Annette, for heaven's sake don't refuse me," the countess began, with a blush that looked very strange on her thin, dignified, elderly face, and she took the money from under the handkerchief.
Michael requested his older daughters to use the handkerchiefs in their wedding bouquets, when the girls get married.
35,000 pieces of fabric handkerchiefs 100% cotton, delivery and collection of used handkerchief rolls, washing / cleaning and re-delivery of fresh hygienically good cloth hand towel rolls.
REAL MADRID 0 BARCELONA 4 BY ED MALYON at the Santiago Bernabeu FURIOUS Real Madrid fans waved white handkerchiefs while Rafael Benitez was left on the brink by a rampant Barcelona.
Plas Tan y Bwlch director Andrew Oughton said: "Every bough of the tree is laden with large white flowering bracts, which flutter like handkerchiefs in the slightest breeze.
I fully endorse all he has said about banning the unsavoury habits of some sportsmen, not using handkerchiefs, most notably observed in Premier league soccer players.