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It is probable that there was an idea of penance in this mode of occupation, and that she offered up a real sacrifice of enjoyment in devoting so many hours to such rude handiwork.
The old witch clapped her skinny hands together, and smiled encouragingly upon her handiwork.
Gather wood well filled with pitch, lay it in the form and size of the altar at Opar in the center of the clearing that the Flaming God may look down upon our handiwork and be pleased.
The trail became more difficult but was well marked and showed indications of great antiquity, and, in places, the handiwork of man.
For more than five thousand years they have sat thus, a monument to the handiwork of some ancient taxidermist.
said Vasili Andreevich, admiring his handiwork and letting himself down into the sledge.
It was infinitely more clumsy than the clumsiest handiwork of man--of man as we know him.
This change in him was her handiwork, and she was proud of it and fired with ambition further to help him.
The hands of society are harsh, and this man was a striking sample of its handiwork.
He is perfectly well aware that the nature of our vocation makes us suspicious of all newcomers, and he, therefore, desires to give you practical proof that he is to be depended on, by making half-a-crown immediately, and sending the same up, along with our handiwork, directed in his own handwriting, to our estimable correspondents in London.
A sport with a cold and afraid of catching more, all right all right," the boy laughed, proudly surveying his handiwork.
North of Humber there is no man who would not know the handiwork of Devil Douglas, the black Lord James.
They changed the features with such microscopic care that no traces were left of their handiwork.
All sewing was done by hand, so when the ladies of a great household gathered to their handiwork, it was no unusual thing for one among them to lighten the long hours with tales read or told.
Mysterious pieces of handiwork were smuggled in and out of sight, and whispered consultations were held, about which nobody thought of being jealous, as might have happened at any other time.