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Synonyms for handiness

skillfulness with the hands

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the quality of being at hand when needed

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Cue the danger element, as Ross discovered, and the handiness of a certain book full of pictures of animal prints.
cleanness of environment, accuracy of measuring instruments, utilization of measuring method and mainly by handiness of workers.
For their cut-price handiness, it's hard to criticise either the Fudge or the Curly Wurly, while at the other end of the scale the Toblerone is always a welcome addition to my daily diet.
Other women immediately recognize the versatility and sheer handiness of carrying a knife, and end up purchasing several.
For teachers there will be the exhibition book, written by David Crystal and lavishly illustrated with colour plates of extra items not included in the exhibition, as well as lots of CDs of recordings of poets, speechmakers and other material that might come in pedagogical handiness.
The Taurus ran a close second in terms of size and overall handiness, but was never able to challenge the new King.
One candidate noted that "I would say my handiness at playing games has improved.
Sergeant Calahan takes pleasure in working on the F-22 in a testing environment and likes the handiness of a new system called a Portable Maintenance Aid to troubleshoot problems with the F-22's systems.
30) Without the aesthetic, handiness of form and the superimposed graphics, a cellular phone would be superficial in many respects, in that, it is by pushing the very artistically labeled, colored and formed buttons that the component mechanics within can be activated easily and correctly.
If the value of the new book was exhausted by the convenience of this collection, then handiness would be its greatest significance.
David Attwell (1999: 70) alludes to the handiness of the Afrikan Humanist tool, including spiritual faith, in referring to The Wanderers as "organized around the development of Tabane's consciousness as he comes to terms with exile.
The Lancashire batsman's omission, in favour of the all-round handiness and promise of Essex youngster Ravi Bopara, probably says more about England's concerns over their bowling attack than it does about Loye himself.
Indeed, handiness is itself a key quality of insideness, as these examples show.
On the other hand, internet telephony over a Wi-Fi network is the public access version of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): users can enjoy the handiness of a cell phone-like service, while avoiding the cost of traditional cellular carriers.