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Sighting system aside, the Ruger Frontier is one of the neatest, handiest little rifles you can imagine with an overall length of just 35 1/2".
We may not be the handiest bunch," jokes Fiske, "but I'm very proud of the commitment our people have already shown to organizing and funding this project with more than $18,000.
It appeals to the simple Scots whose lives have no meaning without someone to hate - and the English are handiest, in terms of geography and history.
Isofix are the safest child seats available because they connect to the car's chassis and the handiest because their foolproof one-click fitting leaves no need for seatbelt origami.
The result is about the slickest, handiest, neatest big-bore rifle I've ever used.
With 672 pages of facts about the Lone Star State, the Texas Almanac is recognized by librarians, legislators, historians, educators and others to be the handiest and most comprehensive source of information about Texas.
Most domestic murders are done with a kitchen knife, simply because it's the handiest thing around at the time.
They got the handiest penalty I ever saw in my life but that's what makes the victory all the sweeter, that the lads showed such great character to keep coming back.
It is a handiest way to clean the bolt locking-lug recesses of a bolt-action rifle.
Our testers said they were the handiest wipes they had ever used - boys especially said the convenience encouraged them to cleanse daily.
RCBS solved this dilemma for many shooters enduring this same problem by offering the handiest powder measure for pistols ever conceived.
It's the fastest and handiest spotting scope mount we have ever used, and we've spent many hours gazing through Shepherd's clear 15-40x spotting scope over the hoods of our trucks while scouting and hunting.
One of the handiest travel tools you could ever own will save you money the first time you use it.
And he insisted the bathroom is one of the handiest places to grab some quality time before he goes out and hits golf balls to great effect.
Ranch dabbles in scope mounting with a cross-section of mounts for Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles, the handiest being a "Scout" type mount.