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Synonyms for handicap

Synonyms for handicap

a factor conducive to superiority and success

an unfavorable condition, circumstance, or characteristic

Synonyms for handicap

advantage given to a competitor to equalize chances of winning

injure permanently

attempt to forecast the winner (especially in a horse race) and assign odds for or against a contestant

Related Words

put at a disadvantage

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Hirt, Deppe, and Gordon (1991) examined the students' preferences for both types of self-handicapping prior to their exams they reported that both gender were found engaged in claimed self-handicapping, but behavior handicapping was found in men only.
The proposal seems certain to get a much easier passage than the troubled National Computerised Handicapping system, the effort to register all the men's handicaps on a central computer.
It will be the team's task to determine if the child's misbehavior is a manifestation of his or her handicapping condition.
Wayne and I have built what are undoubtedly the two premier sports handicapping companies in the country and surrounded ourselves with outstanding handicappers and employees.
We believe he is the brand name in American sports handicapping and represents the positive image of global gaming.
For five football seasons, we have produced the premier football pregame show aimed at sports fans looking for handicapping information and advice.
For four years we have produced a high-quality football pregame show aimed at sports fans looking for handicapping information and advice, but in the past, we have been limited to early morning time slots on cable networks that either targeted the wrong demographic audience or had limited distribution.
The National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the Daily Racing Form announced plans for the first National Handicapping Championship to be held Jan.
Global Sports & Entertainment is the global brand name in sports handicapping advice and predictions - as well as the only publicly traded sports handicapping company in America.
com) provides updated sports information including odds, scores, game previews, and late breaking information along with handicapping selections from the Company's panel of experts.
Says the bettors' guide that we modestly call the Ten Commandments for Derby Handicapping.
Com to be the exclusive North American distributor for the Winner's Edge Handicapping Report.
Mitchell is a horseplayer, famous in the racing world for three handicapping how-to books and the handicapping computer software created by his Cynthia Publishing Company of Studio City.
After beating a star-studded field in a season-long Del Mar handicapping contest presented by a Las Vegas hotel, De Julio was quoted by reporter John Kelly as saying, ``I've mastered the art of picking winners.
Wednesday announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Australian Golf Union (AGU) to introduce a national computerized handicapping system for amateur golf.