handicapped person

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a person who has some condition that markedly restricts their ability to function physically or mentally or socially

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The mere fact that a person is contagious does not remove a person from the scope of section 504; rather, the court must then ask whether the handicapped person is "otherwise qualified" to perform his or her job.
And when you see someone or something that needs praying about - a handicapped person, an ambulance, a hospital, an old person crossing the road - you can slip in a prayer for them too.
Every handicapped person I've known has had fantastic emotional hang-ups.
The earlier definition designating those to whom the 504 prohibition of discrimination applied (see 28 CFR 41-32, July 1, 1984) had defined a qualified handicapped person as: "(a) with respect to employment, a handicapped person who, with reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job in question and (b) with respect to services, a handicapped person who meets the essential eligibility requirements for the receipt of such services.
The same concession will also be admissible to one escort accompanying the concerned handicapped person.
I also call upon the people and relevant government agencies to reflect on the problems of visually handicapped person and think about what needs to be done to achieve the same standards in caring for the disabled as exists in other civilized nations and to work towards achieving those standards," he said.
If a handicapped person makes it in Guatemala, they must be an extraordinary individual.
Casey wants to be known as a golfer, not a handicapped person,'' King Martin said.
SARGODHA -- District Coordination Officer Saqib Manaan has said that a financial assistance program for almost 3922 handicapped person has been initiated from August 14 in the district.
SARGODHA -- District Coordination Officer Saqib Manaan has said that financial aid program for almost 3922 handicapped person will start from August 14 in the district.
Special Citizens Day: Each handicapped person and one guest admitted free.
Tenders are invited for Providing Of Ramp Facility For Physically Handicapped Person In Nirvachan Sadan Premises New Delhi
Sponsors say the project is the first time handicapped people have built a home for a handicapped person.
He spoke to an audience that included scores of dignitaries - including three queens and three presidents - as well as hundreds of nuns, dozens of priests, squadrons of military officers and their wives, legions of volunteers who managed to get one of the 12,000 tickets distributed, and at least one orphan, one handicapped person and one leper.
Households with a sick or handicapped person account for an additional 41 percent.