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a hole (usually with a flush cover) through which a person can gain access to an underground structure

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Figure 9 shows the conduits at one of the handhole locations, prior to placement of the handhole itself.
At the time of future upgrade or replacement of any of the facilities, a new distribution cable may be readily installed into one of the large ducts and temporarily accessed at the handhole for routing to the adjacent existing or future/replaced terminal or equipment, as appropriate.
The design features also allow the possibility of inserting an additional handhole, at any time in the future, at an intermediate point along the route with minimal disruption and construction, including at locations where it may be decide to cost-effectively omit a handhole during the initial construction stage.
boring a new path from the urban assist handhole on the SE corner of E University & E Hubbell (0+00) to the Quazite
Tenders are invited for The ICN intends to extend an armored, 36 strand single mode fiber connection from the Iowa Heart Center at 1816 Philadelphia Street, Ames, Iowa, 50010, herein after referred to as the Health Care Provider or (HCP), to an existing DOT handhole on the East 13th Street, Southbound entrance ramp to I-35.
The work includes the CONTRACTOR furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, incidentals and service necessary for the construction of approximately 12,000 linear feet of main conduit duct bank, numerous lateral conduit duct banks, street light conduits, street light concrete bases ,spare conduits for city of Sunny Isles, concrete pads for FPL transformers and Vista Switch Cabinets, Manholes, Handholes, splitter boxes, and testing, surface overlay, traffic control, site restoration including sod, landscaping and driveway restoration to match existing conditions; and all other appurtenant and miscellaneous and incidental items and work for a complete, functional and satisfactory installation of the project as shown on the drawings.
Established in 2000, Tank Components Industries (TCI), has grown its product portfolio from tank heads to a wide range of ASME and non-ASME stainless tank components including: tank heads, tank manways and cylinders, sanitary fittings, tank handholes, access ports, and ferrules.
In OSP application environments where placement or easement permitting is not cost-effective, the FSC Below-Grade Cabinet can leverage existing below grade assets and facilities in polymer concrete or HDPE vaults and handholes.
Among the possible applications are any accessible bolted joint that feature a flat or serrated sealing surface, such as round, oval, rectangular, complex and irregular flanges; raised face and flat face flanges; metal, plastic and glass-filled flanges; pump and compressor housing flanges; boiler and pressure vessel manholes and handholes, heat exchangers, miscellaneous lids, access plates and ducts, among other sealing applications.
We're happy we can step in to continue to serve Teichert's current customers with expanded product lines such as handholes and meter boxes; onsite wastewater treatment; prepackaged pump and tiff stations; stormwater treatment; rainwater harvesting; retaining walls; and box culverts--to name a few.
The product range includes various kinds of manholes including handholes and those for stormwater drainage, telecommunication and sewers.
Standing-handing, His healed handholes Served the sailors fish.
The three primary components of the model are new, high-count dark fiber cables, handholes for lateral splicing and fully integrated, network-neutral colocation facilities.
In addition to standard cabling compartments, other products are available for a variety of wiring projects, including electrical and telephone equipment pads, service boxes, and handholes.
Tenders are invited for Raising of Manholes / Handholes on cable duct route between Main Post Office to Civil Line Square at Akola.