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an appendage to hold onto

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Know where all the footholds, handholds, steps, walkways and 'no-step' areas are.
This opening and closing action of the machine is essentially a process of mechanical 'grabbing', in which it attempts to seize more free DNA, like the rock-climber searching for a new handhold.
The government installed a chain handhold to make the hour-long ascent up the 1142-foot (348m) beacon easier in 1964, but the government has stopped promoting the climb ever since the Aboriginal people of the area gained joint-ownership of the park in 1985.
As part of its after-sales commitment, in an effort to handhold the customers and provide them with round-the-clock assistance, Nissan offers a host of customer care and service schemes including Extended Warranty and Roadside Assistance for its products.
We have put in place an enhanced service delivery model which will handhold customers through various stages in their search for property and will provide builders with qualified prospects.
Then use a 1-gallon paint can to draw the front and back of the handhold.
Hardware and software security solutions provider Xelltec Inc announced on Friday the release of its new security microchip which enables users to remotely track and protect their laptops and handhold devices.
2) Right: Kaylin Castles, 8, of Leominster reaches for a handhold.
After trying another tool head without success, controllers here and at Goddard Space Flight Center concluded it would be safe just to break it off to get a handhold out of they way that was blocking access to the STIS cover.
Seller will handhold the customer transfer process.
The Scholastic 2008 Kids and Family Reading Report finds that 75% of kids age 5-17 agree with the statement, "No matter what I can do online, I'll always want to read books printed on paper," and 62% of kids surveyed say they prefer to read books printed on paper rather than on a computer or a handhold device.
The FOH201 is a compact, portable fiber optic handhold meter.
The Ice-Climber": A single climber, making his way / handhold by handhold over the blue / labial folds of the glacier.
has developed and introduced many of the nation's best-selling "as seen on TV" products, including the Handy Stitch handhold sewing machine and the Micro Touch men's personal grooming device.
Mr Burrows, a less experienced colleague, climbed to a third-floor window ledge, then froze in panic when he found there was no handhold to keep his balance.