handheld drill

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a small portable drill held and operated by hand


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While a hydraulic rock bolting jumbo had been purchased to help reduce risk to drillers, management determined that handheld drills would still be required in the shafts.
After swapping his hand guns for handheld drills, he begins to renovate an old house and enjoy the quiet life.
While some bigger tools couldn't have been used as there were people under the debris, but we did feel the shortage of certain smaller, mobile equipment like handheld drills, cutters and precision- impact devices because of the locality, structure and space constraints," the official said.
The third, a flip-down metal bin, has ample room for bulkier items like handheld drills and coiled heavy duty extension cords.
Until recently all longwall development (retreat faces) has been undertaken with handheld drills and slusher winches.
Handheld drills are smaller and less powerful than the jumbos, but the operating principles are the same.
The countersinks and counterbores are designed for use in drill presses, handheld drills and boring machines.
It uses a quarter-inch drill adapter, so it's compatible with most handheld drills, and .