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small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands


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The workshops offered training on how to operate a laptop, the Palm Treo smartphone and software programs like ePrincipal, eWalk and popular Microsoft applications that are compatible with the handheld smartphone.
0 enables users to quickly connect their handheld to BlackBerry Enterprise Server with cradle-less wireless provisioning, making it easier for IT departments to deploy BlackBerry throughout their company.
Handheld PDAs fall into two primary categories--those that run on the Palm operating system by Palm Inc.
SAN FRANCISCO -- HandHeld Entertainment[TM] (NASDAQ:ZVUE)(NASDAQ:ZVUEW) today announced that it has named noted software industry analyst Robert B.
Current owners of the technology can attest to the flexibility of being able to walk into any meeting, connect their handheld to a projector and begin presenting immediately without experiencing the downtime associated with booting up a laptop.
Global next-generation handheld games console uptake, 2005 - 2010
We decided to implement Palm handheld computers last year to support our K-5 writing program," says Camilla Gagliolo, Arlington instructional technology specialist.
Chapura's Microsoft Exchange synchronization software, when used with the new Palm HotSync Server software, announced in a separate release, allows users of Palm handheld computers to directly access information such as corporate email accounts and databases from their company's Microsoft Exchange server without having to download information to a personal computer and then synchronize that same information to their Palm handheld.
SAN FRANCISCO -- HandHeld Entertainment[TM] (NASDAQ:ZVUE)(NASDAQ:ZVUEW) today announced that it unveiled a prototype of its next generation, entry-level personal media player - the ZVUE[TM] 260 - to journalists and targeted buyers from major retailers at last week's Consumer Electronics Show.
This book joins the company of the publisher's editions of Hou, to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld, Fifth Edition, and How to Do Everything with Your Dell Axim Handheld.
Retriever is the next step in the handheld revolution," says Alan Finke, President of Dream House Software Inc.
With three acquisitions completed in 35 days, HandHeld Entertainment surpasses traffic goals announced during November 14, 2006 investor conference call; company also announces that it is on track to achieve other goals stated in the call
Students used Palm handheld computers to explain their favorite foods and sports teams.