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Two to 30% of any human population is left-handed or ambidextrous, with most estimates hovering around 10%, depending upon the criteria used to assess handedness.
Steele and Uomini (Chapter 15) show the way forward by demonstrating how early evidence of handedness can be found in contexts as varied as human skeletal material, the lithic record, cut marks on teeth and art.
Laterality is said by some to play a larger role in orthopaedics than in general surgery, and these authors found no references to handedness as a factor affecting surgical techniques and results.
A recent study titled "No disadvantage for left-handed musicians: The relationship between handedness, perceived constraints and performance-related skills in string players and pianists" (1) was conducted at the Hanover University of Music in Germany.
Other studies based on prenatal ultrasounds show that handedness formation occurs prenatally, before societal influences on handedness are present.
So a challenge for researchers studying the development of handedness is to choose tasks that are fun and engaging for the child and sufficiently challenging without being frustrating.
These results showed that knowing an individual's preferred handedness it is not sufficient to determine their dominant hemisphere for language.
According to the findings, there was a small, but robust and replicable, effect of birth seasonality on handedness, which affected only men, however, the exact way of causation still needs to be investigated in future studies.
A hormonal cause during embryonic development "Presumably, the relative darkness during the period November to January is not directly connected to this birth seasonality of handedness.
Refrigeration handedness must be changed and the installation of a handedness re-placing the furniture if necessary with the former.
Global Banking News-February 6, 2013--EC warns national regulators against heavy handedness with other banks(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Theories on the genesis of handedness range from those that largely implicate processes of environmental shaping (e.
In gay men researchers have studied DNA, fingers and ears and handedness, birth order, parental relationships, and even their whistling abilities.
Liverpool's traffic wardens have gained a reputation for heavy handedness.
Most theories have been refuted, such as: handedness is determined by the way a mother carries her child (if a mother carried her child in her left arm, the child would cling to the mother with the left arm, leaving the right arm free to explore the surroundings, and vice versa); or handedness is determined by fighting, as a fighter who hold s the sword in his right hand can more easily strike at the enemy's heart because the heart is located toward the left side of the body.