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having or involving the use of hands


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New Delhi, February 16, 2011 (Frontier Star): Sachin Tendulkar is by far the greatest batsman of all time and has it in him to single- handedly win a tournament as big as the World Cup, according to former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas.
Peterson finished with 181 yards and second-half touchdowns of 5, 8 and 43 yards -- increasing his season totals to 1,557 yards and 20 scores -- in addition to recording 60 return yards, catching a pass for 27 yards and running in a pair of 2-point conversions, almost single- handedly rallying No.
In his foreword, Driskell writes: "Single handedly she has redefined the art of quilt making, moving it way beyond a level d simple acknowledged craftsmanship .
It wasn't long before she single handedly took Los Angeles by storm, with inspired visions of selling multi-million dollar homes.
In NCAA Football 06, gamers can also act as Impact Players to single handedly break games wide open with highlight reel moves and special animations.