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Antonyms for handed

having or involving the use of hands


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They were consigned to me, with him, at the--" He dropped his voice, there was a flutter among the military lanterns, and one of them being handed into the coach by an arm in uniform, the eyes connected with the arm looked, not an every day or an every night look, at monsieur with the white head.
She handed it to him at once, and the governor returned it to the man, and said to the unforced mistress of force, "Sister, if you had shown as much, or only half as much, spirit and vigour in defending your body as you have shown in defending that purse, the strength of Hercules could not have forced you.
So saying Menelaus stripped the blood-stained armour from the body of Pisander, and handed it over to his men; then he again ranged himself among those who were in the front of the fight.
Knowing how to play in short-handed games can also be applied to multi-table tournaments as you will need to be a very good short- handed player to defeat the final few.
Despite going 3 for 9 as a right-handed hitter, he abandoned the project midway through his prep career because there wasn't enough left- handed pitching to make the transition worth the effort.