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Synonyms for handcraft

a work produced by hand labor

make something by hand

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For a video on the making of the Handcrafter Collection click here.
Montana's MarketPlace showcases products from handcrafters and retailers located throughout the Treasure State of Montana, helping customers discover new Montana gifts and treasures they can purchase online.
This second step requires we consumers to become citizens again, to go forth into the community, to meet the local business owners and handcrafters, and to gather the knowledge they hold.
For a full list of participating handcrafters, see http://rgne.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Government has illegally rented the shops of Lok Virsa built for handcrafters to several NGOs despite of ending of their lease contracts.
We also managed to reach many more disadvantaged communities as direct loans to handcrafters and smallholder farmers have increased by 83%.
Market on The Strand is a festive monthly outdoor event where local artisans, handcrafters and growers can showcase their creations from March-June and September-December.
GATF 2012 was attended by more than 100 travel agents and retailers, hotels and resort operators and other related business leaders such as batik makers and silver handcrafters.
Many handcrafters or retailers dramatically need to be connected to the world to make business," Regisford further said.
Teams of Highland handcrafters worked round the clock as each pounds 2210 jacket panel took an average of eight hours to crochet, with a production team devoting a further six hours to linking the panels and sleeves together and sewing in the zips.
Unlike the harsh lye-laden bars our great, great grandmothers probably made, soap produced by handcrafters today contains much less lye because it can be measured precisely.
However, some businesses, particularly handcrafters, who are regarded as historical inheritors, are looked upon contemptuously from a narrow perspective, rather than being a matter of taste and choice, selection and decision.
The content providers for this industry are individual artists: the painters, writers, woodcarvers, musicians, handcrafters, playwrights, and others participating at a professional level in the art market.
It was this love of historical crafts that drove her to help organize the monthly Heritage Handcrafters Sundays at Heritage Junction.
Perhaps the biggest and best known is held four times a year by Pacific Handcrafters Guild, whose member-exhibitors are chosen by jury.