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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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The Project Handclasp Humanitarian Service Award was instituted to recognize an officer or enlisted member of the Sea Services who has done extraordinary service on behalf of peoples around the world in humanitarian assistance or disaster relief.
The question remained whether chimpanzees are instinctively inclined to engage in grooming handclasp behaviour, or whether they learn this behaviour from each other and pass it on to subsequent generations.
Mr Turley and Mrs Crozier [respectively Supervisor and Hostess] joined hands, and soon the handclasp became contagious, and the strong links of friendship forged in the singing of 'Auld Lang Syne'.
Handclasp, right (using the right hand of the patient and the examiner).
Finally, Project Handclasp donations valued in excess of $100,000 (U.
Kearsarge (LHD 3) participated in the Project Handclasp program, delivering supplies to needy people from the Horn of Africa (HOA) region in April.
The handclasp is a symbol not specific to the Jewish heritage, but nonetheless came to resonate with the values and tastes of Caribbean Jews.
It investigates the sense of being lured into a labyrinth of light, imagery and meaning, where you feel that you are being pursued by something wholly unattainable, yet as close as a handclasp.
Indeed, any consideration of our continuing fascination with the Civil War and its cultural sequelae, or even our recent popular culture (some of us remember when a mere on-stage handclasp between "white" singer Petula Clark and "black" singer Harry Belafonte caused a sensation), proves that the topic is an important one for contemporary Americans.
And because a handclasp seals a contract, the severed hand problematizes contractual bonds.
Wherever one found informality, unconventionality, a firm handclasp, an open door, a breezy rhetoric, and unrestrained manner, there was the West.
He faults the film's lack of class analysis, "its unquestioning patriarchal form and unreflective honouring of authority" (160), its presumed solidarity among the powerful, and its ultimate reification of the patriarchal family in the final handclasp of father and son.
The French monarch finds himself trapped between two religious vows, one with John signified by a handclasp, based upon the holy marriage between his son and John's niece, and an older one, made to the Roman Catholic church to wage war on its behalf against its enemies.
A photo of a handclasp in front of a landscape, for example, is captioned "uomini intelligenti momento opportuno," which translates ironically into "intelligent men, opportune moment.
He would have asked after your parents, and probably would have known diem, or at least about them; he would then have asked you about yourself, drawn you out, and sent you away with some good advice, a warm handclasp, and a smile you would have remembered all your life.