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a clap of the hands to indicate approval

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It's about celebration, not about preaching; the handclap grooves, the words that welcome everyone, the whirl of dance and sweat and song and, always, the steel guitar, riding above it all, improbable yet the perfect voice to bring this message home.
How terrible if the walkers' happy triumph after six days' hard slog was spoiled by some meanie on the sand appearing to give them a slow handclap.
But he's out to push against the conventions a bit hence the grungier stuff that may be harder musically but it's commercially weaker while the slow hip hop handclap of The Kids descends into a repetitive drone.
A section of the support had vented their frustration throughout the match and there was even a stage where the slow handclap was given.
The soothing lead vocal is augmented by falsetto backing vocals, dreamy layers and copious handclap moments.
At yesterday's conference, Mr Darling was given a slow handclap by delegates furious at the 2,500 post office closures after he told them that new technologies, such as the internet and changing consumer habits had challenged the network.
Then, following God's Gonna Cut You Down's gospel handclap shuffling warning of judgement day, the grim reaper makes his first appearance on Like The 309.
He was heckled and subjected to a slow handclap during a rambling speech, and there were relieved cheers as he stumbled off stage after 10 minutes.
A slow handclap broke out around the Derby ground as Hampshire plundered 199 for five from less than 35 overs to leave Derbyshire to chase 285 in four sessions.
But on his return to Bramall Lane in early June, he was on the receiving end of the slow handclap .
Scarlets then conceded three more points and a slow handclap broke out around the ground, a rarity at rugby-mad Llanelli.
One livid supporter ran towards the dug-out to berate Fry and the London Road ground rang out to the slow handclap, jeers and boos.
There will be performers from all over the globe - including this week''s announcements of Americans The Phenomenal Handclap Band and Free Energy, plus Pony Pony Run Run (France), Oh No Ono (Denmark), The Hickey Underworld (Belgium), Philadelphia Grand Jury (Australia) and Chilly Gonzales (Canada).
25pm - after a brief slow handclap suggested unrest.
The reason for the slow handclap was that Mr Blair used the occasion as a platform to make a party political speech having previously promised that this would not be the case.