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a small railroad car propelled by hand or by a small motor

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2 miles of track, 24 American locomotives, 212 Franco-Belgian locomotives, 5,000 dump cars, 273 handcars, 896 excavators and dozens of other items.
On August 25, 1945, just 10 days after V-J day, a small group of American and Chinese soldiers under the command of John Birch, who had been promoted to captain, left a surrendered Japanese garrison and proceeded by railroad handcar toward the city of Hsuchow.
In addition to providing on-location infrared data logger readout and launch capabilities, HandCar EX has other useful functions.
Chug into California's rugged past on a steam engine, a highlight of the Iron Horse Round Up, along with handcar races, a spike-driving competition, model railroad layouts, and other stuff for rail buffs, (800) 866-1690.
According to the police, the two were pouring water on coke in a handcar to cool it and the steam rose and hit them.
HandCar software for palm computing handhelds is used for readout and launching HOBO and StowAway[R] data loggers.
There's a miniature train ride here, train movies to view, even an old handcar - once used to transport railroad workers and equipment along the rails - to pump up and down a short stretch of track.
The last handcar stands in a shed on its three wheels collecting a layer of dust; the station-master's whistle is rusting in a corner, and if you could hear the weeds grow, you could also hear the moth gorge itself on the once flamboyant signal flag, now in a closet and unused for many years.
UPDATE: Additional Footage includes Canadian Olympic athletes Susan Auch, and Catriona Le May Doan, the flame travelling on a vintage rail handcar, the Calgary Stampede, and various Aboriginal experiences in Alberta.
You'll also note oddities such as a pastel train (made "for girls,' it was a poor seller) and Mickey Mouse on a handcar.
Paired into 10 co-ed teams by profession, the athletes traveled around Nevada to compete in six different adventure sports that included off-beat events such as a ranch-hand rodeo, railroad handcar races and recumbent biking to more traditional sports such as autocross, Jet Skiing and mountain biking.
Covering more than 1,000 miles across the state, the athletes will compete in a mix of traditional and off-beat sports that includes recumbent bicycling near Battle Mountain, a ranch hand rodeo in Winnemucca, railroad handcar races in the historic mining town of Virginia City, mountain biking on developed trails near Austin, autocross racing in Pahrump and Jet Skiing on the Colorado River in Laughlin.
The 2006 Nevada Passage teams, expected to be announced in February, will have an opportunity to test a wide variety of skills as they compete in everything from off-beat events such as a ranch hand rodeo and railroad handcar races to more traditional adventure sports including biking, trail running, and jet skiing.