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a small railroad car propelled by hand or by a small motor

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Handcar 4, Stand A20 BENE manufactures plant technology for treating industrial wastewater and rainwater.
In Operation Nimo, on March 27, a handcar wash in Hudson Street, South Shields, and Supreme Pizza, on Walker Road, Newcastle, were targeted.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are given three-dimensional expression in a clockwork tinplate handcar toy by Wells: a rare survivor that retains its box and the cardboard buildings it originally contained (est pounds 150-200).
and, during the Depression, even makers of the coming-of-age toy (like the complete electric train set or doll's house) opted for cheaper fad products (Daisy's Buck Rogers' pistols and Lionel's Mickey Mouse handcar in the mid 1930s).
After a burglary in Wrentham, the crooks escaped using a stolen railroad handcar.
For example, when supervisory personnel desired to rent a handcar for an hour, the process required six separate vouchers.
As they leave the clearing on a handcar, "Randolph's last glimpse of Nimbus was over his brother's bobbing head, and he saw the horse staring at the leaning machine, deceived and abandoned, but with a bright sun gleaming in its coat and a reedy grass springing up around its legs out of the demolished world.
On August 25, 1945, just 10 days after V-J day, a small group of American and Chinese soldiers under the command of John Birch, who had been promoted to captain, left a surrendered Japanese garrison and proceeded by railroad handcar toward the city of Hsuchow.
In addition to providing on-location infrared data logger readout and launch capabilities, HandCar EX has other useful functions.
Chug into California's rugged past on a steam engine, a highlight of the Iron Horse Round Up, along with handcar races, a spike-driving competition, model railroad layouts, and other stuff for rail buffs, (800) 866-1690.
According to the police, the two were pouring water on coke in a handcar to cool it and the steam rose and hit them.
HandCar software for palm computing handhelds is used for readout and launching HOBO and StowAway[R] data loggers.
There's a miniature train ride here, train movies to view, even an old handcar - once used to transport railroad workers and equipment along the rails - to pump up and down a short stretch of track.
The last handcar stands in a shed on its three wheels collecting a layer of dust; the station-master's whistle is rusting in a corner, and if you could hear the weeds grow, you could also hear the moth gorge itself on the once flamboyant signal flag, now in a closet and unused for many years.