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a container that is usually woven and has handles

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THE SAYING IS now so common that it is almost a cliche: The world is going to hell in a handbasket.
Thus, they're more likely to grab a handbasket than a cart at the grocery store.
No wonder it feels like the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket.
And yeah, we don't want to see the world go to hell in a handbasket, and they don't want to see a resurgence of aggression by anybody,'' she said.
So we go straight to Option Three, to hell in a handbasket.
For TPO lenders, everything went to hell in a handbasket between 2007 and 2010.
Some speculated the company went to hell in a handbasket due to their firings.
I think what insurers and officials need to do is to prepare folks psychologically for the change in approach and make sure that everyone understands that everyone is simply doing a better job of disclosing the ups and downs they were going through all along, not necessarily going to hell in a handbasket any more quickly they were before the new proposed rules take effect (if they take effect).
He has also rehearsed songs spanning his incredible career and albums such as Bat Out Of Hell II, Welcome To The Neighborhood, Bat Out Of Hell III, Hang Cool Teddy Bear and Hell In A Handbasket for the final shows.
You see the world going to hell in a handbasket all around you and a population that always had nothing and will now have less; a population that gets crushed daily on every level and yet, somehow, they still have it in them to crack jokes and laugh loudly, and produce a never-ending stream of snark, humour and laughter that leaves you both dumbfounded and in awe of their spirit.
Just when I think I have a stable, sensible approach to the site, its rules or the layout changes, and my approach leaps into the proverbial handbasket.
From Paul Erdman's The Crash of '79 and The Panic of '89 to the late libertarian leader Harry Browne's How You Can Profit From the Coming Devaluation through Nassim Taleb's recession appetizer The Black Swan, people still love to curl up with dead-tree visions of hell in a handbasket.
In the two weeks of the Olympics, hundreds have been slaughtered in Syria, 23 people died in floods in the Philippines, and the world economy continued to go to hell in a handbasket.
Political Intolerance and Cuba's Future: To Hell in a Handbasket," Jorge Luis Romeu, Syracuse University.
What they often fail to realize, as we learn when studying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, is that while most advisors close to retirement are farther along in self-actualization, long past fulfilling basic life needs, they still behave as if the firm will go to hell in a handbasket the moment they relinquish the reins.