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a rectangular frame with handles at both ends

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This scene bears a certain resemblance to one in Wood's novel Within the Maze: The new baronet, Sir Karl Andinnian, sees a policeman and several other men, followed by a small mob, carrying a handbarrow in which lies a dead man known as "poor Whittle.
Sometimes they were carrying some kind of military chest on a sort of bier or handbarrow, with a springy, undulating, military step, all passengers giving way to them, even the charette drivers stopping for them to pass,--as if the battle were being lost from an inadequate supply of powder.
Handbarrows (boxes or platforms with two handles sticking out front and back, allowing two men to carry a heavier load) were used in Europe until someone came up with a wheelbarrow, probably about the turn of the 13th century.
51) At the 1892 meet, handbarrows built by the camp carpenter were praised for aiding canoeists moving boxes and bundles from tent to steamer.
by the thousands for colonial farmers to hoist to handbarrows for their trip to the corn fields and their burial there?