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the court on which handball is played

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The 31-year-old is the undisputed king of the handball court and he will try to equal the legendary Ducksy Walsh today by winning a seventh All-Ireland senior singles title against Armagh's Charly Shanks in the 40x20 final.
The old pool will be demolished and the site will be used to reprovision the handball court and skating rinks, which were closed to make way for the new pool.
Jesse Pasos is one of the nicest guys I've every met on the handball court.
Announcement of competition: Architect Assistance in connection with New sports building shall contain a + half handball court + gymnasium of 200 m2.
Since the program started in January, Harrelson has increased park patrols, removed a handball court that attracted gang members, reopened the park's community swimming pool and generally cleaned up the area, he said.
At the same time, he said he got the Greendale YMCA and Bancroft School together with the city to save Shore Park from closing, proposed building a new handball court at the Great Brook Valley public housing complex and connected the city with an online energy auction exchange to buy cheaper electricity.
The previous day, one Hispanic inmate was severely stabbed on the handball court and had to be medically transferred to an outside hospital.
They frisked students in the parking lot, stopped members of the cross-country team during practice, and leapt onto a handball court to seize players by the arm.
An additional six gymnasiums, one basketball court and handball court, three volleyball courts, one billiard hall, one more athletic track and two squash courts were made.
And at Nelson, Caerphilly, as well as boasting an open-air handball court dating from the 1860s and still in use, the village is home to Llancaiach Fawr Manor, a handsome Elizabethan manor house which has been lovingly restored to the year 1645 and the time of the civil war.
The main access into the park is intended to be located between the handball court and the Lord Nelson Inn, Commercial Street.
McCarthy spent more evenings than he cared to remember in his formative years pucking a sliotar back and forth off the wall in his local handball court.
Some unique amenities to consider include a golf putting green (artificial turf), indoor handball court, outside sand volleyball court, hiking/jogging trail around the exterior of a property, exterior artwork or sculpture and a large lobby aquarium.