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providing only bare essentials

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The share of hand-to-mouth households varies somewhat across the eight countries in our study, from less than 20 percent in Australia and Spain to over 30 percent in the United Kingdom and Germany.
slip back to a time when most people lived hand-to-mouth and the country was controlled by a tiny, wealthy minority?
Not all "mountain bums" live a hand-to-mouth existence between expeditions.
CPSC's briefing document claims that hand-to-mouth behavior is the source of childhood exposure.
Gary's persistence and interest in consumer interaction landed him in the hand-to-mouth career of field sales, a choice I think he is truly excited about," Bryant said.
The report recommends employers ensure adequate ventilation, humidity and temperature controls; minimal hand-to-mouth and hand-to-eye contact; and periodic cleansing of hands.
Indeed, workers who live hand-to-mouth and need 100 percent of each paycheck for food and bills pay an income tax equal to 100 percent of their net worth.
Thomas's inquiries bank loans were met with "a point-blank response that no one was going to give us money because of our hand-to-mouth existence," he says.
Several factors place children at greater risk: high hand-to-mouth activity, a nervous system that is still developing, and certain dietary deficiencies, like those of calcium and iron, which increase absorption of lead from the gut.
The man they call The Boss told a courtroom packed with his fans about his early hand-to-mouth existence, relying on handouts from his first professional management team, Mr Jim Cretecos and Mr Mike Appel of Laurel Canyon Productions.
Reverence and gratitude are regularly leavened with irony and a vivid recall of the threadbare, hand-to-mouth existence that modem dancers in particular had to lead.
The Inhaler is a nicotine replacement product designed to help control a smoker's cravings for cigarettes while providing a key behavioral component of smoking, the hand-to-mouth ritual.
This season Rangers and Hearts have experienced serious financial uncertainty, with many other clubs surviving hand-to-mouth.
Although scientists don't know exactly how people accumulate high concentrations of PBDEs in their bodies, hand-to-mouth exposure is thought to play a significant role.