hand-to-hand struggle

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the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat

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A life-or-death, hand-to-hand struggle ensued, which ended with Lilley strangling the guard under the searing sun and escaping.
After a hand-to-hand struggle, Woodfill managed to kill the officer with his pistol.
In a hand-to-hand struggle, putting forward pressure on your attacker is the best way to gain and maintain a physical advantage, but you won't be able to sustain it if your draw requires both hands.
For more than a century, General George Armstrong Custer has been remembered for his ``last stand'' - during which he gave up his life in a desperate hand-to-hand struggle to defend his troops.
It would have perhaps been more fitting to have had the translators' accounts of their encounters with these poets, and of their hand-to-hand struggle with the texts, in place of the potted critical biographies included in the Introduction, good as they are.