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Crathorne Hall, which was built in 1906 and has 37 bedrooms, was taken over by Hand-Picked Hotels more than a decade ago.
The coffee beans, hand-picked by villagers on hillsides, stew together with bananas, sugar cane and other ingredients in the elephants' vegetarian diet.
This month's hand-picked selection can be found at www.
How does one review a 111-page annotated directory of "400 hand-picked marketing web sites"?
Levy, hand-picked by Mayor Rudy Giuliani less than 18 months ago following the evacuation by former chancellor Rudy Crew, has inherited a school system that would appear to be running on fumes, despite his best efforts to clean it up.
Horsepack guides hand-picked by AMERICAN FORESTS led moderately priced adventures into the remotest corners of the country's national forests and national parks.
The small, hand-picked ensemble of dancers was in top form, despite occasional lapses in emotional depth.
New Startup Sets up Party Hosts with Hand-Picked Venues Best Suited for their Celebrations - Including Exclusive Deals for the Complete Party Package
Supporting are a band Weller has hand-picked himself THE DRAYTONES.
The UCLA auditorium where Davis delivered his speech to a hand-picked audience of about 250 supporters will be paid for privately through the governor's anti-recall campaign committee, according to campaign officials.
Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael said claims by huntsman Alan Hargreaves that speakers at a rural conference had been hand-picked to avoid mentioning hunting were ``complete garbage''.