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operated by hand

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n Group 1: Specifications for small accessories,Group 2: auto accessories,Group 3: hand-operated power tools.
In contrast to hand-operated pumps Finish Thompson drum pumps enable precise amounts of liquid to be transferred to smaller containers with less risk of spillage and also help to eliminate the handling problems associated with heavy containers.
For its first application, GEC is introducing an easy-to-use, hand-operated water pump and filtration system that needs no fuel or electricity, making it indispensible in the wake of natural disasters and struggling third world countries.
A hand-operated chuck requires no tools and is removable for special tooling applications.
The Mitre Max is available in hand-operated and pneumatic versions.
Choice of foot and hand mechanical controls or hand-operated pilot controls.
Gloucestershire-based Decca Print, which originally operated from a site in Coventry, is looking for a home for an old hand-operated printers' guillotine.
There were more than 3 million books printed on hand-operated presses using woodblocks and copper plates from the 1400s to the mid-1800s, and many of those books weren't dated, Hedges notes.
Before long, we headed back to the historic and pleasantly ramshackle Blue Belly Barn on the Suite Edna property, there to toss the clusters into a de-stemming apparatus and then into a hand-operated wine press.
Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press, 3d ed.
Emhart Teknologies has expanded its line of Dodge fastening systems for plastics to include thermal assembly equipment ranging from benchtop, hand-operated presses to semi-automated, multiple-position workstations.
To the Editor: In May 2003, a previously healthy, 42-year-old rice farmer and miller, living on the Plain of Jars (Xieng Khuang Province) in northeast Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR) (Laos), dehusked and polished glutinous rice in her hand-operated rice mill.
Children have a ball making treats with this clever hand-operated machine because there is an immediate payoff.
Such a community might be served by a community-level system, with water piped to convenient distribution points or into homes, or by hand-operated tubewell pumps spread throughout the community.
The exhaust system also can be customized for use with hand-operated crucible cranes and monorails.