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(American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate

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Before these new capabilities were available, wireless engineers were forced to manually examine drive test data, analyzing patterns to determine the cause of network problems such as dropped calls, failed originations or hand-off issues.
With the qualification of Blast Create as a hand-off flow, TAEC and Magma can offer mutual customers the high capacity, predictability and fast turnaround time required to implement their SoC designs on the proven Toshiba 90nm process.
Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters set forth in this press release, including statements that Magma's system will deliver better predictability, capacity, turnaround time and a smooth hand-off and that it will allow users to implement designs faster and with fewer engineers and about the features and benefits of Magma's system, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Today, Kolkin launches its SOS for Patient Safety Initiative enabling physicians to eliminate miscommunication with a free download of SOS, a standardized real-time patient list and hand-off tool.
But the main problem was the lack of a hand-off because it's one of the main strengths of my game and in a position like centre it's vital.
The "hand-off" from one mast to the next provides an indirect signal of movement, and the rate of those hand-offs represents a speed.
The basic generic movement is simply for 01 to dribble toward either wing player (03 on the left and 02 on the right), with that player V-cutting before then scraping off o[pounds sterling] the outside shoulder of 01 to receive the basketball with 01's hand-off.
MORNING AFTER THE MIDNIGHT HAND-OFF of footy greeted by a post-dawn meeting of the minds in a clandestine bunker by a classic car storage facility for the purpose of determining which van would drive away with the coveted statue of a van?
They can be used in transparent LAN data applications to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for the delivery and hand-off of Ethernet services.
And fortunately, ATM, because of its high speed and high reliability, is a formidable and cost-effective platform used to implement soft hand-off.
Patient hand-off management is an area hospitals are working hard to improve to ensure patient safety and reduce sentinel events," says Bob Zollars, chairman and CEO of Vocera Communications.
The AORN Patient Hand-Off Tool Kit provides the resources to guide perioperative professionals in developing safe hand-off communications among caregivers.
To execute the Boot, the QB receives the snap and reverse-pivots out of the shotgun (the same as he would on the counter-trey), except that he now fakes the hand-off to the F back for a two-count while getting depth and width away from the fake.