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made on a handloom


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The hand-loomed cotton scarves are currently available at 50A[degrees]C and Five Green.
an importer and wholesaler of hand-loomed carpets and custom rugs from India for the residential and commercial markets.
The hand-loomed saris from Varanasi became a national symbol for India's independence.
The price tag is so high because up close the hand-loomed silk stripe is made up of the customer's signature.
The newel posts polished to a shine by generations of passing hands, the massive stone fireplace soaring to the vaulted ceiling and surrounded by comfy sofas for lingering with books or board games, the original artwork hung seemingly everywhere, the hand-loomed textiles and hand-built furniture.
Film stars Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler love her hand-loomed fabrics.
Quilts by Betty Cossey, contemporary fiber art by Tactile Expressions and hand-loomed creations by Laney Lloyd, reception 5 p.
So I've given an aged look to the wood and included hand-loomed upholstery, needlework, antique boxes, urns and beds with big comforters,'' Ruggiero explains.
Another newcomer to Scotland are East, who have grown out of the long- established Anokhi label that produced exclusive hand-loomed and hand- blocked prints.
These elegant bags are hand-crafted from the finest materials, including sustainable acacia wood, cotton, silk, leather and hand-loomed fibers such as jute, raffia, and buntal.
The Lauren Ralph Lauren group contained 15 patterns, including hand-knotted, flatweave, sisal weave, hand-tufted, hand-loomed and power-loomed constructions.
They are hand-loomed with a double-sided reverse pattern and, although I admit, at pounds 138 each they aren't cheap, I promise you they'll be a design classic in their own right in years to come.
Indochine was created to mimic the feel of animal fur, while the Domus rugs are hand-loomed using the contrasting textures of wool loops and polyester.
A little eccentricity - an unexpected color on the walls, colorful hand-loomed rugs on bare floors, inexpensive matchstick or rattan shades on windows - can make a new or old house do new tricks.
This will include some examples of traditional hand-made Welsh quilts and hand-loomed blankets, and, following the recent dispersal of a large collection of Welsh pottery, there should be a particularly good selection for sale with the dealers who specialise in the Llanelly and Swansea Potteries.