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made on a handloom


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The eyeglass pouches sport playful artwork of both Maria Clara and General Luna, with t'nalak hand-loomed fabrics at the back.
The hand-loomed cotton scarves are currently available at 50A[degrees]C and Five Green.
an importer and wholesaler of hand-loomed carpets and custom rugs from India for the residential and commercial markets.
The hand-loomed saris from Varanasi became a national symbol for India's independence.
The price tag is so high because up close the hand-loomed silk stripe is made up of the customer's signature.
Film stars Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler love her hand-loomed fabrics.
Carpets and rugs can be custom-designed, hand-loomed and colored in 100-percent New Zealand wool.
Quilts by Betty Cossey, contemporary fiber art by Tactile Expressions and hand-loomed creations by Laney Lloyd, reception 5 p.
So I've given an aged look to the wood and included hand-loomed upholstery, needlework, antique boxes, urns and beds with big comforters,'' Ruggiero explains.
Another newcomer to Scotland are East, who have grown out of the long- established Anokhi label that produced exclusive hand-loomed and hand- blocked prints.
All but one of the rugs in the exhibit are dyed, hand-loomed wool (the exception is silk).
In 2007, she found inspiration in a hand-loomed fabric sample that the Bauhaus-trained weaver Anni Albers had designed more than three-quarters of a century earlier.
Even the classic cushiony sofa becomes more interesting when it's upholstered with hand-loomed, cream-colored cotton that still bears its rough-hewn knots.
We're fans of the way stylish social enterprise Anthill Fabric Gallery uses beautiful hand-loomed local weaves to put a put a proudly Filipino spin on contemporary pieces (skirts
Available in multiple col-orways, the rugs include both handtufted constructions made of wool with viscose accents and plush, hand-loomed designs featuring high/low pile for dimension.