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cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel


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Because they were hand-hewn, the first barns were fit together with precision.
She used clay plaster and paint on the walls, replaced windowsills with hand-hewn pine, and added traditional banco seating.
The home is a true log cabin and features hand-hewn lodged pines.
Echoing an interior-design trend, this look combines hand-hewn wood and stone (or facsimiles) and rustic touches like chicken-wire doors and weathered-look metals with contemporary seat materials and colors.
When Carsten was too old to farm, the younger couple returned to the home place in 1893 and built a large, white farmhouse of hand-hewn timbers.
while Blais, an engineer by training, is handy with his hands, whether it's framing a garden pergola so visitors can relax outside, or constructing the hand-hewn murphy beds that are strategically placed throughout the residences to increase sleeping options.
Reclaimed DesignWorks is one of the nation's leading providers of antique reclaimed material including wide plank flooring, authentic barn siding, hand-hewn and rough sawn beams, reclaimed wine and whiskey barrel wood, timber fireplace mantels and many other reclaimed wood products.
Women mop the hand-hewn stone floor every day, and outer walls are covered in ivy.
5-bath renovated Colonial with pine floors, hand-hewn beams, original fireplaces and antique fixtures.
Rustic chic is the new buzzword--handcrafted, hand-hewn, reclaimed, and sometimes trending toward a 21st-century iteration of the industrial era's antidote to technology: Craftsman style.
The hand-hewn logs comprising four rough walls were carefully selected from the nearby swamp by the craftsman, and they come together perfectly at each of the four corners.
Shrouding this hand-hewn mass was a piece of transparent plastic that had been dressed with a thin coat of white paint.
In one such box, packed loosely among some truly notable curios (I recall Cy Young's rookie contract from 1890) was a thin wooden stick, with irregular hand-hewn notches along part of its perhaps 10-inch length.
A bartender chisels away at a fresh 50-pound ice block each night, using pieces for shaved ice and dense, clear hand-hewn pieces that end up in Old Fashioneds and other stirred drinks.
At one of the world's biggest ceramic tile shows, Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas this March, it was clear that new technologies have advanced the development of porcelain tiles so much that designers can now specify tiles that are dead ringers for other hard surface materials such as marble, travertine and even hand-hewn wood planks.