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cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel


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They're warping, but I like them that way," Stella says of her hand-hewn pine counters.
In one such box, packed loosely among some truly notable curios (I recall Cy Young's rookie contract from 1890) was a thin wooden stick, with irregular hand-hewn notches along part of its perhaps 10-inch length.
A bartender chisels away at a fresh 50-pound ice block each night, using pieces for shaved ice and dense, clear hand-hewn pieces that end up in Old Fashioneds and other stirred drinks.
At one of the world's biggest ceramic tile shows, Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas this March, it was clear that new technologies have advanced the development of porcelain tiles so much that designers can now specify tiles that are dead ringers for other hard surface materials such as marble, travertine and even hand-hewn wood planks.
Dante threw open some of the shutters and light poured into the two-story cathedral ceiling great room with hand-hewn oak beams and the most massive stone fireplace Juanita had ever seen.
But with its open fir and cedar log beams, hand-hewn cedar planking and generous skylights, the 6,200-square-foot building stands among the best college longhouses in the country, school and tribal officials say.
There is evidence of the original barn throughout including hand-hewn oak jointed with wooden pegs, exposed walls and beams.
In "Telling Jeffers' Story," Dana Gioia addresses Jeffers' cultural heritage through preservation of both the poet's hand-hewn stone structures--Tor House and Hawk Tower--and his poetry.
A few chisel marks will complete the illusion of hand-hewn stone and a coat of liquid fertiliser to encourage the growth of moss will help the ageing process.
He had built this chapel out of hand-hewn logs, with an altar, pulpit, pews, even a sound system and an electric organ," said Bishop MacDonald in an interview.
And it occupies a house of hand-hewn lumber built by farmer John Oskolkof about 1918.
Camp is situated in the crook of a sudden kopje; clustered, thatch-roofed chalets with high ceilings set on hand-hewn timbers, walls screened to allow cool night air in and welcome a heavy blanket, keeping creepy-crawlers at bay, each quarters equipped with rock-work shower and firm-mattressed beds.
Sure Fit interprets the casual look in hand-hewn fabrications and raw edges in these decorative pillows.
Many exterior doors were hand-hewn with wrought iron detailing, Imbued with native plants and vegetation, the landscape work offers a wide arrayh of species and treatments.