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Synonyms for hand-held


Synonyms for hand-held

small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands


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an industry expert in rugged mobile devices and WLAN system implementation and support, today announced the addition of the 7035 freezer hand-held - a rugged, hand-held device for condensing and freezer environments, to its 7035 hand-held device line of products.
The functionality of Psion Teklogix' 7035 freezer hand-held, including the heated liquid crystal display and durability in freezer and condensing environments, allows our customers to increase their response time, and process information quicker, adding to their overall bottom line.
It also demonstrates the rapidly growing acceptance of the Company's ART technology as the `gold-standard' for developing and deploying critical content for hand-held devices.
is an eHealth company developing hand-held wireless solutions for the medical community.
The study of 1,331 physicians between August and December 2004 also shows that physicians as a group are nearly five times more likely than the general public to own a PDA or hand-held computer.
The New York Times recently reported that, someday soon, hand-held computers will be as ubiquitous as the stethoscope in U.
But today, Burke and other doctors can use a hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA) for a variety of patient-related tasks, such as consulting electronic drug reference manuals before writing prescriptions.
However, he adds, "because of our specialty in the business, the hand-helds take too long to do a reading.
Hand-held analyzers can be carried out into the yard, but cannot detect the same breadth of elements as stationary systems.
Whether hand-helds are poised to replace notebook computers for a significant segment of the market remains unclear.
In any case, the segments will evolve as hand-helds become more functional and notebook computers become smaller, blending the two, said David Goldstein, president of Channel Marketing Corp.
For example, AccuRoute converts document formats that are unreadable or unsupported on a hand-held device to PDF text format so they are fully visible by mobile users.
Introduced at NPE 2006, VeriColor Spectro rounds out a product line that also includes hand-held and bench-top color measurement devices, as well as a full suite of formulation and quality control software.
By offering stationary and hand-held scanners, companies in almost any industry requiring fast, accurate and reliable inventory or item tracking can use our technology to make their supply chain more efficient.
Examples of hand-held devices are mobile phone, personal digital assistants (PDA's), tablets, game consoles etc.