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Synonyms for hand-held


Synonyms for hand-held

small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands


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According to their parents, 20 per cent of the children had daily average hand-held device use of 28 minutes.
Hand-held learning may be characterised as an extension of e-learning.
6% of car drivers used hand-held mobiles while at the wheel.
While 64 per cent of those polled said they had never used a hand-held mobile while at the wheel, only 3 per cent said they had never seen another motorist committing the same offence.
Only one in three explained that the ban was introduced because using a hand-held phone at the wheel can be distracting;
Digital thrmistor units range from hand-held to panel-mounted meters with alarm capabilities and accuracies of [+ or -] 2[degrees]F.
Asked whether they thought using a hand-held mobile phone affected the performance of drivers in general, 93% said it would affect drivers ``a great deal'' or ``somewhat''.
They are poised to roll out a hospital package allowing medical personnel to interview patients, running down a checklist of questions on a hand-held device, prior to offering treatment.
Bloomer adds that the hand-held systems are typically very rugged and designed to be operated by a novice.
Now, hand-held computers have an established track record in many applications, including warehouse management, small-parcel tracking, inventory control and car-rental returns.
These days, the most successful hand-held computer by far is the one that aspires to do the least.
The most economical hand-held scanners copy at resolutions of 300 dots per square inch, which is adequate for most clipping scans.
For example, AccuRoute converts document formats that are unreadable or unsupported on a hand-held device to PDF text format so they are fully visible by mobile users.
The program runs the basic functions of hand-held computers, similar to personal digital assistants like Apple Computer Inc.
Ultrasonic trim knife and hand-held units also offered.
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