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Synonyms for hand-held


Synonyms for hand-held

small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands


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Mobile or hand-held technology is essential in everyday life - in homes, educational institutions, factories, offices, sports, health & law enforcements and all other fields of life.
Similar surveys by TRL in 2007 and 2008 had shown a fall in the number of drivers using hand-held mobiles following the law changes enacted in February 2007.
And 36 per cent admitted to using a hand-held mobile themselves while driving - only 6 per cent down on the figure recorded in 2005.
Temperature monitors include noncontact infrared units and ATkins hand-held thermocouple probes.
But the findings also reveal a complacency among drivers who adopt a ``do as I say, not what I do'' attitude over the issue, condemning others who use a hand-held mobile while driving as dangerous, but believing they can manage to do so safely.
The servers also store the digital patient files, which can include photos and videos of procedures, as Web documents, allowing them to be read by any computer or hand-held.
We actually deploy a full professional database on small hand-held devices, so if you can't connect to the wireless Web, our devices still run perfectly.
Combining development and support costs for the hand-held into our CMMS package meant we had to charge a high license fee.
These days, the most successful hand-held computer by far is the one that aspires to do the least.
AN ALTERNATIVE is the hand-held scanner, which fits in the palm of your hand.
Symbol is providing its LS 3000 hand-held laser bar code scanner on a private-label basis for point-of-sale operation at the 1,970 Wal-Mart stores and 326 Sam's Clubs nationwide.
For example, AccuRoute converts document formats that are unreadable or unsupported on a hand-held device to PDF text format so they are fully visible by mobile users.
The hand-held program, known by the code name Pegasus, is something that both Microsoft and other software makers can build upon.
Ultrasonic trim knife and hand-held units also offered.
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