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made by hand or a hand process


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Chocolate lovers can visit Pearl-Continental Hotel Karachi this week to see Chef Pauquet in action as he prepares pralines, truffles, caramels, and ganache, and purchase boxes of the high-quality hand-crafted chocolates to share with friends and family.
s award winning Design Studio is proud to announce a Limited Edition Classic Hand-Crafted Diamond Jewish Star of David Design for the upcoming Winter Holiday Season and the underlying 2017 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Charitable contribution to the ASPCA.
According to the firm, the Cafe is a retail destination where Customers can experience the same banking services as the Capital One 360 online bank, along with associates who are available to answer banking questions and demonstrate digital and financial tools, all while enjoying a hand-crafted latte.
Hand-crafted by Honeyman from heavy duty, extremely durable iron, black powder-coated for good looks and longevity, these arches are functional, practical, beautiful and superb value - all with a touch of Victoriana.
Among the traders were Pat Gerrard, who was selling attractive knitted babywear, and Betty Whitehead, who displayed her hand-crafted greetings cards.
O'Keeffe hand-crafted shoes are now available on mrporter.
Monin Gourmet Flavorings line-up includes more than 100 syrup choices, sweetened with pure cane sugar, for Hand-Crafted sodas and other on-trend beverages.
But what truly stretches the boundaries of the imagination, what is more incredible still in this collection of unique one-off ArtyA pieces, their case having been literally struck by lightning, is that the Quadri-rotor squelettes have all been hand-crafted in their entirety.
Inclusive of succinct biographies, detailed descriptions, illustrative photographs, and approximate pricing for hand-crafted ceramic products, Studio Ceramics In Canada opens its readers to nearly a hundred years of the creative practice of clay arts in the provinces of Canada.
The Shine Lamps company is known for its hand-crafted glass illuminations, inspired by the midcentury design movement.
On a recent visit I spotted an essential oils starter kit, aromatherapy spray, organic cotton t-shirts, doggie care packages, gift certificates to natural products retailers, hand-crafted greeting cards, autographed posters, movies on DVD, and heirloom and organic seeds.
Now in an updated fourth edition, Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest is a no-nonsense travel guide to exploring the mountains of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia for unique geothermal experiences, from streamside pools to hand-crafted bathhouses and much more.
Each gift box is filled with sumptuous hand-crafted chocolates including:
A HAND-CRAFTED doll's house made and furnished by a Bebington couple has raised pounds 3, 562 for Wirral's Arrowe Park Charity for Eyesight.
This beautifully hand-crafted rocking horse is the 'mane' prize in a forthcoming charity pub raffle.