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make without a potter's wheel

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At Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, craftpersons hand-build the Dodge Viper SRT10 and its 600-horsepower 8.
WHO: Tony Kent, one of only a handful of craftsmen who hand-build the Rolls-Royce radiator grille, one of the world's most famous trademarks.
Because we are providing both a standard data query tool and specific Custom Query Builders for commercial data sources such as LIMS, our customers will be able to directly access the data they need without having to write and debug macros or hand-build queries in SQL," said Dan Weiner, Ph.
The sheer volume of potential production requires a manufacturing process that combines high quality hand-build with volume process engineered techniques.
Unlike our competitors -- who use an `erector set' approach that requires customers to hand-build a solution for their particular requirements -- Sun has focused on providing a total solution to guarantee timely deployment, rather than just providing the tool box," said John Shoemaker, vice president and general manager of the enterprise server and storage group, Sun Microsystems Computer Company.