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Buff went from head wear to hand wear with the Pro-Series Angler Gloves.
A flame-resistant knitted fabric made of 50 percent wool and 50 percent aramid is also under development for use in manufacturing underwear, hand wear, and headwear.
Materials and design issues in military helmets, footwear and hand wear are also reviewed.
AirBoss-Defense is a North American manufacturer of personal protective equipment, and has recently signed two major contracts with the US Department of Defense Joint Services procurement initiative to provide the US military forces with CBRN protective hand wear and footwear.
Part of the AirBoss Engineered Products division, the defense operation produces and supplies hand wear, footwear and respiratory protection products.
Superman on the other hand wears a shiny leotard with a cape.
But when little Otto is born, Mrs Clausen's need for her dead husband's left hand wears off.