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a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top

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OSHA regulations prompted us to think about the design of our hand trucks grips," said David Straw, Magline President.
Founded in 1947, Magline manufactures a complete line of aluminum Magliner hand trucks and related route delivery equipment for use in the soft-drink, beer, food-distribution, parcel, bottled-water and vending industries.
For the typical drop size of 45 cases, delivery using a two-wheeled hand truck takes an average of five trips to fully unload," Homer says.
Harper Truck" and the model number can be found on an adhesive sticker on the hand truck frame's cross member.
The Institute have a requirement for the Supply and Delivery of One (1) x Second Hand Truck for its Technology Park Campus in Geraldton.
Humantech Ergonomics recently released an objective video reviewing the self-stabilizer hand truck by Magline and Rotacaster wheels.
Tenders are invited for Authorized manufacturers/ dealers for procurement of hand cart and hand truck as per the specification given in annexure ii part i for the period of one year to be specified in the letter communicating of acceptance of tender award of work.
Saving American Manufacturing" highlighted the legal crisis faced by one of the nation's largest hand truck manufacturers when it was almost forced to go out of business because of unfair and illegal foreign competition.
Molded safety 'curbs prevent a hand truck from falling over the edge," says Andrea Horner, marketing manager for Magliner, "and an apron allows it to be used with any curb height.
The Magliner Gemini is a new hand truck that is designed for rapid conversion from a standard two-wheel configuration to a four-wheel cart carrying substantially more.
With the use of steel dock plates or aluminum dock plates you can move your load in or out on a pallet truck, hand truck or platform truck more conveniently, without worrying about the gap between the dock and truck or a person straining with carrying a heavy load by hand," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse.
Tenders are invited for Platform Hand Truck, Zinc Coated Body, Carrying Capacity 350 Kgs With 10 Inches Castor Wheels To Nilkamal Model: Ph 350 Zncr Or Its Equivalent.
It all began when New Jersey entrepreneur Leon Hess first purchased a second hand truck and started delivering fuel oil to homes in 1933.
MOVING heavy or bulky DIY tools and materials, or large appliances, is tricky, especially if access is poor, but the great-value 3-in-1 Hand Truck (PS69.
Andrea Horner, Magline's Vice President of Marketing reported that the exhibit provided multiple demonstrations of the new self-stabilizing hand truck.