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a small towel used to dry the hands or face


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California-based PeopleTowels, LLC, is the pioneer of the personal hand towel category in America.
Made from Airflex technology, the hand towels offer consistent and excellent drying performance, reliability, and value in use.
I was sitting at the kitchen table helping my son with his math when it struck me that I could see through the bathroom hand towel as it floated on the soft breeze.
Kimberly-Clark Professional has published a "tips" brochure designed to help purchasers select the appropriate hand towel for their washroom, The brochure encourages purchasers to evaluate their washroom setting and maintenance needs as a first step to selecting the right towel and dispenser.
Cruets were to be filled to the neck, incense respectfully removed from the boat and properly lit in the thurible, hand towel clean and folded over the left arm.
The discounter also packed a Joe Boxer bath towel and hand towel into sets.
Cascades provides Away-from-Home customers a premium and environmentally-responsible hand towel made with 100 percent recycled fiber
National contract notice: acquisition of a non-wired and hand towel service
Striped hand towel, PS4, geo hand towel, PS4, geo dispenser, PS5, geo bath towel, PS6, striped bath towel, PS6, chenille striped bathmat, PS8, all George Home at Asda
BATH TOWEL/ TWO-PACK HAND TOWEL Cosy and soft in a choice of six colours, from fresh white, cream, rich purple and darker blues.
Hanging fish, PS3; cream bath towel, PS4; washed denim hand towel, PS3; mirror, PS15; eau de cologne mirror, PS8; blue glass dispenser, PS6; soap dish, PS4; white storage baskets, PS8 for two; striped hand towel, PS4, striped bath towel, PS6; ribbed hand towel, PS4; ribbed bath towel, PS6; beach huts decoration, PS6, all George at Asda YOU may not get white heat when it comes to a British summer but you can put yourself in the hot seat with this bistro table and chairs in racy red
It read: "This bag must contain a small hand towel, soap and a roll of toilet paper.
The Micro-Fiber Sport / Yoga Hand Towel was designed to act as an ideal moisture absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration during yoga practice.
Changes to the TORK hand towel roll system mean that there can now be a hand towel product for every customer environment.