hand towel

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a small towel used to dry the hands or face


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Request for Proposals: Dispensing system for toilet tissue and hand towels
50 Asda's black cotton hand towels are great value; pounds 8 A touch of luxury with these cream, white and black hand towels from Kaleidoscope
com) is offering a free gift of one (1) reusable personal hand towel with purchase of two (2) or more PeopleTowels; limit of one (1) gift per order.
Matalan has a rainbow of shades with its Egyptian cotton collection priced at pounds 3 for a hand towel, pounds 5 for a bath towel and bath sheets at pounds 8.
Technological advances ensure that Bay West Wave'n Dry and Hands-Free hand towel dispensers deliver a pre-measured amount of paper to save on over use, one of the biggest causes of wastage in the washroom.
No call will cost more than pounds 1 and, while stocks last, a free gift will be thrown in - either a hand towel or a waterproof licence holder.
Avoid sharing the same germ-filled towels by replacing them with a disposable hand towel dispenser, such as the Tork Xpress Hand Towel Dispenser.
Try Debenhams silver Egyptian cotton guest towel pounds 6; hand towel pounds 7; bath towel pounds 13 and bath sheet pounds 20.
In place of a napkin, he used a frilled hand towel.
Customers like the well-trained staff and special amenities like complimentary hand towel service, beauty aids and spring water available at all HOLLYWOOD TANS.
NHS Supply Chain seeks to establish a non-exclusive Framework Agreement for the supply of Paper Hand Towels Hand Towel Rolls Flushable Hand Towels Facial Tissues Toilet Tissues Centre Feed Rolls Couch Rolls and Wipers.
The single-use, disposable bathroom hand towel from the Kleenex brand provides consumers a unique new product that addresses consumers' growing concern with hand hygiene and is a means to help maintain their families' health and wellness.
toilet paper white color of 250 mts,paper hand towel white 240 mts
5", the eQua Hand Towel doubles as a germ-free gym towel to absorb perspiration or as a highly absorbent travel or hiking towel.