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Synonyms for scaling

the act of arranging in a graduated series


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act of measuring or arranging or adjusting according to a scale

ascent by or as if by a ladder

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10,16,18,21) Numerous studies were performed comparing ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling with varying results.
PDS specializes in a anesthesia-free technique of dental cleaning where hygienists clean animals' teeth just like humans' teeth - gently hand scaling both the inside and outside surfaces, with pets completely awake.
Use simple hand scaling instruments to increase control and provide as little disruption to the tissue as possible.
Eighty-nine percent of programs introduce hand scaling prior to ultrasonic scaling instrumentation instruction.
Concern about injuries: The prying and pulling motion of the hand scaling is physically demanding and performing the work while high in the air on "giraffes" increases the potential for accidents and lost-time injuries.
Ultrasonic instrumentation in this era was a preliminary measure prior to definitive hand scaling and root planing.
In addition, hand scaling was rated as worse than sonic and ultrasonic instrumentation.