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a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head

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Designed for the young sports fan in your family, Bleacher Creatures--through official partnerships with the professional sports leagues--are a line of plush characters, hand puppets, and wind-up toys that connect children to their favorite teams and athletes.
In what will surely go down as one of the most poignant performances of his career, Mel Gibson perfectly epitomises the split personality of Walter Black and The Beaver hand puppet.
But he's saved by a beaver hand puppet he finds in the rubbish, who he starts holding conversations with.
And yet Mel Gibson is back this week in the dark comedy "The Beaver," directed by and co-starring his longtime friend Jodie Foster, as a man who falls into such a deep depression, he can only communicate with the outside world through a beaver hand puppet.
Directed by Foster, it tells the story of a troubled husband who adopts a hand puppet as his sole way of communicating.
Becky John took the part of Sophie accompanied by a hand puppet, just one of the effects to make the world seem smaller.
Ben Miles and Lydia Toumazou of the Full House Theatre Co use a near life-size hand puppet in this tale of Reg, a grumpy octogenarian, who's rude to his carer and drives his long-suffering grandson potty.
Observation Note: Suzanne (15 months) reaches into the basket of toys on the table and pulls out a sheep hand puppet.
They did songs off ``Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots'' CD and Queen's ``Bohemian Rhapsody'' with Wayne Coyne singing through a hand puppet, throwing confetti and blowing up a giant balloon until it burst.
Pouch pioneer Clifton Packaging has teamed up with fruit snacking experts Whitworth to produce a first for fruit snacks--a shaped stand up pouch multipack that turns into a hand puppet.
Rose will give the comedic hand puppet show "There Has to Be a Pony," which concerns a young man's struggle with growing up and his parents' inability to offer any useful assistance.
Is it the hand puppet that gives it away or just his overwhelming paranoia?
Preston Park Museum and grounds in Eaglescliffe played host to a series of cotton hand puppet workshops.
Fine in a book but a talking tapeworm isn't going to work so well cinematically - for a start, do you do CGI or create some mechanical hand puppet that could just look cheesy?
TV and film buffs will love the Sooty hand puppet plus action figures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man.