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a pump worked by hand

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An alternative backup hand pump, which may be used without a cistern and regardless of the well's flow rate, is a deep well hand pump inserted directly into the well.
Oxford University scientists have designed a smart hand pump that will automatically send a text message to the district and national water managers, so they know when and where there is a problem, as well as when the problem has been fixed.
To counter the situation, hand pumps with clear demarcations and providing safe drinking water have been installed in the villages.
They claimed the hand pump belonged to them as it was located in front of their house.
Available in 8-oz plastic containers and equipped with an easy-to-use hand pump, Gentell Instant Hand Sanitizer ensures maximum sanitation in any healthcare facility.
The income defrays costs so the company can provide the systems to governments for less than the price of a hand pump.
The tabletop system takes in water from a well or hand pump, for example, bathes it with ultraviolet radiation from a mercury-vapor lamp, and sends it out free of germs.
Tenders are invited for Drilling by potable rigs/ DTH/0DEX/ Percussion/Calyx /RC rigs) one standard hand pump of 80 mtr deep) Opp Mobile toilets of HP Tourism Department Rohtang Top Providing and installation o 1 Nos.
In front of a poorly managed hand pump, a signboard reads, "Adarsh Gram Gadser" (Ideal Village Gadser), ironical in the face of the current situation of the village.
The calls were requests for a hand pump to access their water supply.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 125mm diameter Hand Pump with recharge structure in SANDY Strata,installation of Hand pump sets, construction of platforms in TIJARA Sub Division PS Tijara with Urban tijara under NCR DIV BHIWADI ALWAR in District Alwar
According to Water Supply for Rural Areas and Small Communities, (World Health Organization, 1959), a hand pump can be used in a well of any depth.
ISLAMABAD, December 02, 2010 (Frontier Star)A solar power hand pump was inaugurated here Thursday at National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD) by Stephen Roken, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany.
Maybe you have toyed with the thought of having another well installed; one you could hook a hand pump to so you could have water even if you had no electric power.
India Mark-III (65 mm), and 32 mm mark-II deep well hand pumps in various Non Tribal Districts of Himachal Pradesh (Sub-Head :- Drilling of bore well by DTH/ODEX/Percussion Calyx/RC portable Rigs) (one standard Hand Pump 60 meters deep) Under I&PH Division, Dalhousie.