hand over

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Synonyms for hand over

to surrender someone or something to another

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But Sinn Fein Councillor Francie Molloy, who was his party representative on the decommissioning discussions, said it was unlikely the IRA would actually hand over any guns or explosives.
Active and standby roles are thereby exchanged in preparation for a subsequent hand over.
Handling up to 500 users and covering an area of four million square meters, the equivalent of 42 floors in a high-rise building, the system uses base stations placed on interior walls to hand over the calls as the pocket phones are carried throughout the building, so conversations continue without interruption.
David Williams, deputy director of operations for Yorkshire Ambulance Serv-Serv ice NHS Trust, said: "E-ective hand overs from the ambulance service to hospital emergency departments are an integral part of delivering the best clinical care for patients and we work together closely to monitor ambulance turnaround times.
2013 continues to be a hive of activity for Nakheel, with continued customer hand overs and on-going construction of an increasing number of residential and retail projects.