hand mower

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a lawn mower that is operated by hand

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600 square feet of lawn cut 25 times each year with a 25-inch power hand mower
Some gardeners swear that a hand mower offers the best exercise, but the real choice lies between petrol and electric power.
Once someone uses a hand mower, he'll never go back to the other," he says.
5 acres and to cut it by hand mower, a greenkeeper would walk several miles.
Cutters, tillers, lawn mowers, hand mowers, hedge trimmers (various versions.
Sometime overnight between July 16 and 17, three of our fences were cut along with bramble and metal by thieves who then broke into our horse box, moved our hand mowers out and took our tractor," she said.
Robert Llewellyn developed Vibration White Finger (VWF) by using strimmers and hand mowers on a daily basis at Cardiff's nine cemeteries.
All the greens and tees are cut by hand mowers every day.
We used to use hand mowers and old-fashioned motor mowers that were particularly unreliable.
You can still buy hand mowers if you have a small lawn.
Our Colt Course greens are all being cut with hand mowers and, even when the course is open, we plan to carry on doing that.