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a mirror intended to be held in the hand


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In the evocative You Me Us, a woman poses with her two daughters, heads adorned in flowers, the mother clutching a gilt hand mirror.
I then got a hand mirror and a light and looked inside the vent and to my surprise I saw four tiny white owls with heart-shaped faces starring back at me.
Full-length vision A FULL-LENGTH mirror is important and, if you have a hand mirror close by, you can self-scrutinise from all angles before heading out.
They handed me a hand mirror and I got to see myself for the first time.
A little ways from shore, light reflects off the water as if from the sun's hand mirror and I like to believe that shortly there will emerge from the iridescence, more or less blindly, a small boat carrying an aged Japanese poet, at which point I'll jump from my truck into the wind's whirling ambiguity and shout and wave my hat over my head.
Include band aids, Panadol, moisturiser, hairspray, tissues, deodorant, a hand mirror, mints, lipstick, sewing kit and bobby pins.
You might even rub a hole in an embossed area such as the back of a hand mirror or hairbrush.
The latter includes iridescent beads, delicate tulle ribbon, wooden hand mirror, ceramic heart frame, and matching trinket box--absolutely a young girl's delight.
on the back of the hand mirror (whatever that is), and the flowering
Marcus looked in the hand mirror that hung on a nail in the wall between the two rooms and combed his hair.
A quick check: Grab a hand mirror, and walk outside so you can see the true color in natural lighting.
A couple snips around the back, straighten out the sides, hold up the hand mirror for judicial review, and you're pretty much done.
I put down my empty cup and pull out my hand mirror to apply waterproof makeup.
She turned a small hand mirror from herself to the boy.