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luggage that is light enough to be carried by hand

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On-duty officers opened the hand luggage in his presence and found a Colt Automatic Caliber45 as well as a packet of pellets.
And you're blocking the aisle to get your hand luggage.
Liquids: | You are advised to pack liquids in your suitcase, but if you must take them in your hand luggage each container must be no more than 100ml.
Benefit inspection filtering of passengers and hand luggage, 100% hold baggage control, inspection of the critical part for scheduled flights to more than 15 tons devices.
During the screening of personal bags, the 49-year-old resident of Almaty was asked what was in his hand luggage.
Deva hit problems when she was unable to fit her handbag in her suitcase and staff told her she was not allowed to take two pieces of hand luggage on board.
Any medicines should be packed in your hand luggage and but check restrictions.
Customs officers Princess Atienza and Jamal Ramos asked to see Al-Humoud's hand luggage after noticing that he was uneasy as he went through the customs, clutching onto his bag.
A TARTAN Army footsoldier was forced to remove his sporran before a flight - because airline staff said it counted as hand luggage.
He said: "Even I couldn't work out whether I was allowed to carry hand luggage, so goodness knows what an ordinary consumer goes through.
Sharjah Police have arrested an Arab couple that attempted to smuggle their five month old baby into the UAE in their hand luggage.
I have lost count of the number of times I saw passengers having to either repack their hand luggage at check in or pay sky-high fees to put it all in the hold," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
Summary: The UK is to defer a European-ordered partial lifting of restrictions on the carrying of liquids in airline hand luggage.
A pre-boarding check revealed the live animals in his hand luggage.
WHAT a surprise BMIbaby may have unfairly charged thousands of passengers because its measuring devices for hand luggage were too small.