hand drill

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a small portable drill held and operated by hand

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Police are currently looking on the possibility that the Daga-Daga gang/Acetylene gang could be the culprit, saying that the high pressure jack and the hand drill were the most commonly used materials of the group in robbing.
We all followed suit and began to hand drill our peeps.
With an easy to use hand drill and drill guide, a watertight wye connection can be achieved in just a few minutes saving the contractor time and money.
Police recovered two empty acetylene gas and cooking gas tanks, a hand drill, a saw and a scythe from the crime scene.
screwdriver, a hammer, a paintbrush, a saw, a hand drill and a nut and
We used to have hand drill in the school hall to teach us swimming.
His 70-pound magnetic-based drill was too big for the job, so he tried a hand drill.
Use a drum sander in a hand drill to quickly create perfectly coped inside corners on molding.
Q: I have an antique hand drill press with bits that originally belonged to my grandfather.
The court was told that a hand drill, gardening gloves and other items had been sold by West Midlands Police.
Tariq Shakoor, prosecuting, said Mr Rafferty was stopped and searched by police officers who allegedly found a hand drill, gardening gloves and other items.
The hand drill is generally used to drill holes that range from 1/32 to 1/4 inch in diameter (Fig 9).