hand drill

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a small portable drill held and operated by hand

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I used a bunch of hand tools like needle nose pliers, power hand drill, punches, screwdrivers, small vise grips and other tools to break out the remaining small pieces of aluminum.
Some used scraping, others used cutting and still others made use of a hand drill.
We all followed suit and began to hand drill our peeps.
I used to have a little hand drill with a speed setting.
Toni Goodman by email ZENA SAYS: I used to have a little hand drill with a speed setting.
Police recovered two empty acetylene gas and cooking gas tanks, a hand drill, a saw and a scythe from the crime scene.
NOTE Costs don't include toolbar basics--screw-driver, screws, hand drill, nails, paintbrushes, etc.
screwdriver, a hammer, a paintbrush, a saw, a hand drill and a nut and
We used to have hand drill in the school hall to teach us swimming.
His 70-pound magnetic-based drill was too big for the job, so he tried a hand drill.
Apart from Bastien's passion for perfection and attention to icky things like corns, ingrown toenails and other foot ailments other pedicurists leave behind, the secret to his treatment isn't only his state-of-the- art, motorised hand drill used with marble dust paste and designed to tackle even the yellowiest of nails.
No one, in Germany or beyond, produced a hand drill that met their standards of quality and reliability.
I drilled a 3/4-inch hole about two inches from the bottom with a hand drill.