hand clapping

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a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together

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Deal explains, "One hand clapping, in reference to this film, means, is there more of an intuitive, spiritual answer to our existence than just.
It was definitely not the sound of one hand clapping.
Flamenco combines acoustic guitar playing, singing, chanting, dancing and staccato hand clapping, and has its roots in Andalucia, Spain.
But he confused constant shrieking, hand clapping and yelling "Narrdiaarr" every five seconds with being remotely entertaining.
But there is balance: The first single, "You're the One," is the assured answer to "Let It Rain," and "Say Hallelujah" sends off the dead with the hand clapping and tambourine shaking of an old spiritual.
The harsh reality of science is that those who study mysticism and meditation rarely hear the sound of even one hand clapping among their colleagues, to paraphrase a Zen saying.
Plus the traditional closing number, the "Radetzky March," with requisite hand clapping and applause.
I was entranced by their stepped-up rhythms, tambourines, hand clapping, and uninhibited dynamics, rivaled only by Ma Rainey singing the blues at the old Monogram Theater.
The 3 disc (2CD, 1 DVD) special edition features nine bonus audio tracks (including the top 10 smash "Helen Wheels"), rare footage of the McCartneys in Lagos and behind-the-scenes at the famous album cover shoot, original Band on the Run promotional video clips, the One Hand Clapping television special (highlighted by studio performances filmed at Abbey Road in 1974) all with beautifully enhanced packaging.
The word gypsy conjures up many things - firelight and painted caravans, swirling skirts and stamping feet, hand clapping and stirring guitars," says Destroyers' frontman Paul Murphy.
Even though she played hand drums, guitar, keyboards and xylophone, you got the feeling that her instruments of choice were hand clapping (mostly over her head) and her own voice (often in a gospel or dramatic fashion).
City Manager MaryJane Lazz said Wednesday that the heightened security was requested because the past two council meetings had been marred by ``name-calling, foot stomping and papers thrown on the floor and hand clapping that was above and beyond common-sense courtesy.
Games are colored by rhythmic hand clapping and singsong directions.