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a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket

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From analytic methods requiring only a hand calculator or personal computer to complex automated systems employing sophisticated computing capabilities, all are schemes for factoring out the differences among patients that affect the outcome of their care but that are beyond providers' control.
Although computers do make number-crunching easier, the data that TAA requires could be analyzed with the help of a hand calculator.
Laptops, hand calculators, and logic gates are mechanisms; hurricanes and planetary systems are not.
In this eighth edition, the text and the Web site give students three options for solving problems: using computational equations and hand calculators, using conceptual equations and Excel, and using SPSS.
Another time, I bought small hand calculators and found many of the children already had these in their homes.
We had known how to do DCF analysis for years, but it had to be done using hand calculators, which took an extraordinary amount of time.
Vahia, did the calculation in a few days, using hand calculators, and found that the WIMP model predicted the observed differences between the vibration frequencies to within two significant figures.