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I have had scares but I have had a lot of laughs too and I've never failed to stop a car with the hand brake.
But hand brakes were supposed to have held the train in place in case of air brake failure.
Releasing the hand brake for the TEC transmission may seem simple, but leave out a step and you're going nowhere fast.
Elsewhere, Rodney causes a terrible accident after he forgets to put the hand brake on his new van and it begins rolling downhill, straight towards Nicola and the Home Farm shop - with Leyla, Ryan and Doug still inside.
Dual 10" disk brakes with locking hand brake on both rear wheels
The model features an electronic setup instead of a hand brake, BMW's latest automatic gearshift and an iDrive knob.
The black leather seat-edging contrasts with centre sections and door panels in silver, crimson, orange or brown and these are colour-matched with stitching and piping for the hand brake handle, steering wheel rim, gear lever gaiter and floor mats.
Controls are located in the handle, and there is a locking hand brake rather than a foot brake.
Likewise, any concerns about Rivers being the hand brake on the Chargers offense have long since vanished.
It blew out the car's windows while the flames melted the car's hand brake allowing the blazing vehicle to roll 50 yards down the street.
Michael Murray, 25,allegedly pulled the hand brake of his Ford Escort,causing the vehicle to ``spin out of control with tragic consequences''.
Each bike comes complete with independently adjustable handlebars which can be moved out of the way for easier mounting/dismounting, a standard locking hand brake and an adjustable bottom bracket/crank to accommodate different hip to feet positions.
Mind you, not only do you have to master turning the bike on, but then you have a clutch, four gears, a foot brake, a hand brake, an accelerator and a kill switch to figure out.
Standard equipment is high, with anti-lock brakes, six-disc changer, speed-dependent roof-spoiler, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, gear gaiter and hand brake, alarm and immobiliser.
The boy grabbed the wheel of the Citroen and steered it on to a grass verge before putting on the hand brake.