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a stone tool with a cutting edge


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Figures 10 and 11 are the results of hand axe and rubber mallet images, respectively.
To return to the computer mouse and the hand axe analogy, while they are both man-made, the computer mouse is the result of collective intelligence.
There are improvements to the live bees display, the relocation of the Warwickshire bear and the redisplay of the 16th century Sheldon Tapestry and a Stone Age hand axe.
5 A hand axe (inset) believed to be over one million years' old and now on display in the British Museum was found in the Olduvai gorge, in which African country?
When the Iron Age hit, the hand axe, hatchet, or tomahawk, came into its own.
6 million years ago, a new tool was invented ( the hand axe.
As with this little hand axe, I was quite sure that I would never make my own.
A Stone Age hand axe, dating back half a million years, has been discovered in a Warwickshire quarry.
No burial sites - in fact, no trace at all except the hand axe and the tip of a spear found in Essex.
Larch from up north in Idaho and Montana is so cooperative that you can split a 2 1/2-foot-diameter round with a hand axe.
Dah Iron (Heavy) with wooden handle Talwar Iron with handle sharpened, Hand Axe Iron 5 KG with handle (Kulhari), Tar felt Roll (20 X 1 mtr Roll) Agro Net Green width, Steel Gamla (Planter), Candle 1.
Two suspects entered the property with a rusted hand axe with a wooden handle and stole a small amount of cash and mobile telephones.
This is a knife that will be comfortable to a large person with big hands, instill great confidence to one with average sized mitts, and will feel like a hand axe to those with small paws.
He said: "I was going to have a go at one of them and he pulled a small hand axe from his jacket.
The event was organised to celebrate one of the museum's most treasured objects, which is a stone age hand axe.