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a stone tool with a cutting edge


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To return to the computer mouse and the hand axe analogy, while they are both man-made, the computer mouse is the result of collective intelligence.
These exquisite objects ( a chopping tool and two hand axes ( come from Olduvai Gorge, now in Tanzania.
No burial sites - in fact, no trace at all except the hand axe and the tip of a spear found in Essex.
Larch from up north in Idaho and Montana is so cooperative that you can split a 2 1/2-foot-diameter round with a hand axe.
Two suspects entered the property with a rusted hand axe with a wooden handle and stole a small amount of cash and mobile telephones.
He added: "I was going to have a go at one of them and he pulled a small hand axe from his jacket.
The event was organised to celebrate one of the museum's most treasured objects, which is a stone age hand axe.
He was was found in the kitchen brandishing a small hand axe with a scarf over his face.
I was shocked when they brought the hand axe out of the water tank.
London, July 22 ( ANI ): A hand axe that is more than half a million years old, which was found by a man walking his dog, has been named the most important historical finding made by the British public.
He said: "I was going to have a go at one of them and he pulled a small hand axe from his jacket.
I'm not very superstitious, but I do have a 5,000-year-old flint hand axe which always feels strangely reassuring when I hold it.
This is the same company that this week placed press ads saying : "Our Asda brand Carbon Steel Hand Axe would be fantastic apart from the fact that the head can come detached from the handle.
Anthropologists have yet to find an Acheulian hand axe gripped in a Homo erectus fist but most credit Homo erectus with developing the technology.
The man was carrying a small hand axe and is described as aged between 20 and 30, and of slim to medium build.