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a stone tool with a cutting edge


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The arrest came a week after a similar incident in Kyoto Prefecture, in which a 16-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of killing her 45-year-old father, a police officer, with a hand ax while he was lying on his bed at home in Kyotanabe.
Caption: This 24-centimeter-long hand ax, shown from three angles, is the earliest known bone hand ax from East Asia.
Makers of a specific style of teardrop-shaped stone hand ax, flat-edged cleavers and other implements that originated in Africa around 1.
Rather than waiting until around 500,000 years ago to head into South Asia, as many researchers have thought, the African hand ax crowd wasted relatively little time before hightailing it to India, Pappu's team concludes in the March 25 Science.
Now, the discovery of ancient hand axes in southern China's Bose basin supports the growing suspicion that hand ax production sometimes crossed what archaeologists call the Movius line.
In his view, this suggests that periodic access to rock sources in drier times, when there was less vegetation, encouraged hand ax production among the region's longtime residents.
Like Potts, Howell suspects that Homo erectus groups living in Asia developed their own traditions of hand ax production when suitable rock became available.