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short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches

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They were coming down to breakfast when they spotted the hamster running across the kitchen floor with a piece of pasta, which she had found under the cooker, in her mouth.
Local police officers took the hamster in until it was collected by the RSPCA.
However, as cosplayer and model Saki Miyamoto demonstrates, wearing the shirt creates a sort of 3D effect on the hamster cheek pouches.
A Twitter user called Kat, whose sister is a veterinary student and told her the story, wrote: "She said a little girl brought her hamster in because it hadn't moved for three days and wouldn't eat or drink.
My hamster Herman learned to unlatch his door with his teeth, and we had to wire it shut.
The common hamster Cricetus cricetus (Linnaeus, 1758) is a widespread Palaearctic rodent of prominent external appearance.
She said: "The person involved was clearly not demonstrating his duty of care towards the hamster.
Meanwhile, in some hamster breeds, it takes only five to six weeks of life before the pups themselves become fertile.
The Spotted Carmarthen's Facebook page is urging anyone who may have seen Jed the hamster to get in touch to help reunite the furry creature and his owner.
For example, if your hamster is curled up in a round ball, she's probably sleeping, and won't like being disturbed.
I am," Kayla replied, looking around the room crowded with kids and hamster cages.
FORGET a famous brand of cigar - happiness is a hamster relaxing in a hammock, according to Liverpool boffins.
SecuGen Corporation announced the launching of a new product, dubbed as Hamster Pro Duo/CL , which combines a contactless smart card reader with an optical fingerprint reader that is FAP 20 Mobile ID and PIV certified.
Give your little ones a start on collecting with the Hamster Family RRP PS15.
That's why recently on the Heart Breakfast show we were discussing school exams and ended up with hundreds of callers desperate to share hamster tales.