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Synonyms for hammock

a hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees)


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The next moment she had sprung over the intervening space, dropped on her knees by the hammock, and flung her arms about the man's neck.
Rarmai (it will do; it is easy), he murmured at last, and signed to be replaced in his hammock.
Pip was led away, and the sick man was replaced in his hammock.
She extended herself in the hammock with a deep breath of relief.
asked Robert, seating himself on the outer edge of one of the steps and taking hold of the hammock rope which was fastened to the post.
I found myself not very well, and told the page that I had a mind to take a nap in my hammock, which I hoped would do me good.
The elephant stopped a couple of paces from the wounded man's hammock.
Elizabeth had been lying in the hammock on the porch when her brother's yell had broken forth.
but the only way's to stash it; so here goes to hammock again; and in the morning, I'll see how this plaguey juggling thinks over by day-light.
Thus he amused himself until nearly midnight, when he turned into his hammock with the utmost satisfaction.
He called my attention to a convenient deck-chair before the window, and to an array of old books, chiefly, I found, surgical works and editions of the Latin and Greek classics (languages I cannot read with any comfort), on a shelf near the hammock.
One morning, at eleven-thirty, before I got into the hammock, I took a cocktail.
Laurie lay luxuriously swinging to and fro in his hammock one warm September afternoon, wondering what his neighbors were about, but too lazy to go and find out.
Joan was rummaging in the store-room, and Sheldon was taking his siesta in a hammock on the veranda.
For an hour and a half or more we tramped on up the heather-fringed way, going so fast in our excitement that the bearers of Gagool's hammock could scarcely keep pace with us, and its occupant piped out to us to stop.